The Ideal Lobbyist: Seven personality characteristics of effective and successful public affairs professionals

In order to effectively operate in a triangle of politics, management, and media, lobbyists must be men and women of all seasons. What does this mean?

Some academics suggest versatility, sensitivity, and a strong character as the main success factors in public affairs. Others state that lobbyists should combine the abilities of a detective, a diplomat, a doctor, a teacher, an entrepreneur, a journalist, a conductor, a reporter, and a salesman. Then there are those who believe that smooth-talking, friendliness, humour, empathy, and good manners will make all the difference. And still, there are the few that emphasize the utility of charm and even a certain kind of “halo.” With all of these ideals about lobbyists, how is one to ever know what areas of personal development need the most investment? By taking a good hard look at what works and who finds success in public affairs, we believe we might have your answer. The following seven personality characteristics dig deeper and unveil the core skills of an ideal lobbyist.

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