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Vaclav Nekvapil


Vaclav Nekvapil is a member of the IGP global team and is a managing partner at CEC Government Relations in Prague. Vaclav’s public affairs expertise is especially strong in environment, energy, international transport and EU affairs, electoral campaign strategy, networking, and building relations with stakeholders. In 2012 he became president of the newly-established Association of Public Affairs Agencies of the Czech Republic (APAA).

Beginning in 2004, Vaclav spent three years as a senior adviser to a member of the Czech Parliament, and was responsible for preparing materials for legislative work and public interventions, drafting papers, observing parliamentary committees, and arranging meetings. He was also vice chairman and research director of the Association for International Affairs (AMO). In 2008, Vaclav became executive director for the Association for Communication in the Public Sector.

Vaclav, who speaks Czech, English, and French, holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Charles University in Prague. In addition, he holds a postgraduate qualification in public administration and diplomacy from the École Nationale d’Administration (ENA) and a Ph.D. in politics, also from Charles University. He was a Marshall Memorial Fellow in 2010.