Our Team

Peter Plas

AV Manager


Peter joined Interel in 2014 as AV Manager. He is responsible for the coordination and the production of videos for clients, events and Interel TV.

Before joining Interel Peter worked as a film and media professional on many different corporate and artistic projects. He has done work for IKnowPolitics (organization of the UN), The Tourism Office of Flanders, bpost and Financial Media. He has also worked on several artistic projects and short films as assistant producer or editor.

Peter holds a Bachelor in Audio-visual Arts from the School of Arts (KASK) in Ghent. During this period Peter produced and directed 9 short films. He also holds a Masters in Film and Visual Culture from the University of Antwerp. His thesis about the creative possibilities of 3D filmmaking was presented on the Annual Technical Congress of the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers in 2010.

Peter speaks French and English besides his native Dutch.