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Mieke Offeciers

Senior Advisor

Mieke Offeciers is a senior advisor in Interel’s Brussels office.

She assists companies and organizations in defining, anticipating and managing all aspects of their networking needs. These might include identifying and reviewing business opportunities in public and private sectors, formulating marketing and sales strategies, securing introductions to key contacts.

She has previous experience with the Belgian Cabinet Minister’s office where she was involved with the Copernicus project (for the Modernization of Belgian Federal Government).

Prevously, she worked at the “Vlaams Economisch Verbond (VEV, now renamed VOKA)”, the Flemish employers’ representative organization, where she advised companies in Flanders on a variety of topics. She also gave support and advice on regional, community, federal and European matters to the public sector. As leader of the VOKA, Mieke was also responsible for social & labour negotiations.

She speaks French, English and German besides her native Dutch.