Our Team

Jan combines a background in international policy and finance to advise companies and investors on political risk management, government affairs and strategic communications focusing on investment situations.

Most of his international clients are corporations or asset managers with business interests in political sensitive industries such as energy, transport, infrastructure, telecoms, defense or finance looking to invest in Germany or the European Union. Jan helps them with positioning, access to decision makers and execution of transactions leveraging his broad network in politics, industry, finance and the media. He collaborates closely with law firms, investment banks and management consultants. 

Outbound Europe Jan works with the members of the Interel Global Partnership plus a group of former top diplomats, government members and policy experts to support clients in more than 50 countries around the world. This “corporate foreign service” model is unique in Europe.

Before joining Interel, Jan worked at Goldman Sachs, the German Council on Foreign Relations, the European Group for Investor Protection and his own public affairs firm  Bohnen Kallmorgen & Partner. He also co-founded and chairs the think-tank Atlantic Initiative, which hosts the largest online platform on foreign policy in Europe. 

A graduate from Freie Universität (Berlin) and Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service, Jan is a committed transatlanticist and Young Leader of the American Council in Germany, Atlantik-Bruecke and BMW Foundation. He frequently speaks at international conferences and lectures at universities.