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François Toussaint



In 2007, François was the recipient of the yearly European prize of the Bernheim Award, granted by a jury from the Bernheim Foundation to six outstanding graduate students. This award provided him with an Introductory Training Course in European Union Affairs whilst working at the Belgian Permanent Representation to the EU Council of Ministers as well as at the Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs (Department EU external policy).

Before joining Interel in 2010, François worked for the Socialist Group at the Belgian Senate, where he served in the Special Commission created after the Belgian Bank Crisis.  

From March 2013 till September 2014, he returned to the PS as an advisor at the think tank of the Party “Institut d’études Emile Vandervelde“. He was responsible for economic matters and advised President Paul Magnette during the constitution of the Walloon government.

François holds a Magna Cum laude Law degree from the UCL (2006), which he complemented with a Master in International Relations & Diplomacy at the Antwerp University (2007).

He is a member of the Brussels-based think-tank Friday group.

He speaks fluent Dutch, English and Spanish besides his French mother tongue.