Our Team

Anna Negrini

Senior Consultant


Anna has several years of experience in EU public affairs and public relations. Her clients included international companies and associations mainly in the fields of transport and tourism.

Her work included monitoring and analysing legislative dossiers, and setting up tailored engagement programs with the EU institutions and other relevant stakeholders. She has a tracked record of successful Chatham House meetings and policy events organised in the European Parliament. Beyond public affairs, she is experienced in trade association secretariat, press office work, strategic communication and relations with Brussels and EU media.  

Anna possesses a BA in Publishing and Journalism as well as an MA in Literature, both earned with honours at La Sapienza University of Rome. Prior to settling in Brussels, she worked in the press office of a well-known theatre in Rome.  

Beyond work, Anna is passionate with all forms of theatre, and she is proud to be part of an expat theatre company in Brussels.

Native Italian speaker, she is fluent in English and has and a lower-intermediate command of French.