Simply put, YouGov’s Spotlight & Spectrum study takes a deep look at what makes the world of advocacy tick

Recently Interel hosted an Executive Briefing Breakfast: Insights into Effective Advocacy, highlighting the important takeaways from PLUS Network Partner YouGov‘s Spotlight & Spectrum study. As noted by our speakers, defining what it means to be ‘an advocate’ and identifying the core tenants of each advocate archetype is critical to recruiting and mobilizing advocates to achieve concrete goals.

The word ‘advocate’ is shared by various institutions, organizations, and leaders; but its definition is all but conclusive. Today, an ‘advocate’ is measured differently by many organizations and that leads to confusion for those communicators that leverage the term. This disconnect can stymie leaders, marketers, or stakeholders when it comes time to activate their advocate.  The results of YouGov’s Spotlight & Spectrum study provides a way to identify the types of advocates which are most likely to engage in specific causes and issues. The data also illuminated which advocates can be relied on for ‘hard asks’ and who might be better suited for ‘light lifts.’ The insights created by this body of work can eliminate inefficient use of resources and assist in empowering the strongest advocates within a cause.

Three Things to Know about the Study:

How YouGov did it: 3,000 surveys conducted among Americans, measuring over 500 metrics across an array of demographic, ideology, attitude, and behavior variables.

Key Learning: Determine which persona characteristics most likely predict someone’s likelihood to take action for an issue or cause.

How the findings shape strategy: The conclusions drawn from this body of data provides a framework of thinking that will help organizations of social good focus resources away from less engaged advocates, we call slacktivists, to people who are more likely to participate.  This improves the efficacy of social cause campaigning across a spectrum of advocate types.


To learn more, download for free the Spotlight & Spectrum White Paper here. 

Want to know what type of advocate you are and where you fall on the spectrum?  Measure your overall advocacy strength and your personality through these YouGov Quizzes!


Content provided by Interel PLUS Network Partner, YouGov.