Investor Advisory

Investor Advisory

Interel’s Global Investor Advisory Group supports strategic and financial investors in political complex M&A transactions, FDI, equity and debt investments and market entry situations around the world with a focus on Europe.

We provide political risk analysis, access to government decision makers and strategic communications and focus on investments in regulated industries such as energy, infrastructure, transport, technology, media, defense or finance as well as the sovereign bond markets.

Our team comprises a group of senior specialists with decades of experience in politics, diplomacy, security, investment banking, financial communications, and corporate law. Team members have worked as Deputy Secretary of State, Ambassadors, investors, bankers, M&A lawyers and been involved in dozens of transactions advising CEOs, boards and asset managers.

We operate as a central, coordinating team leveraging the Interel Global Partnership with offices in 60 countries and work closely with investment banks, law firms and PR consultancies and intelligence firms.

Our clients are financial investors, asset managers, multinational enterprises, and large Mittelstand companies looking for

  • Introductions to political driven business and investment opportunities in developed and emerging markets.
  • Pre-Investment risk analysis: Geopolitical and country-specific risks, energy / resource security, terrorism, regional crises.  
  • Regulatory developments and dynamics in major economies impacting investment decisions.
  • Fiscal, economic, monetary, trade and financial policies in G20 countries.
  • Business and market intelligence, reputation and background checks.
  • Positioning strategies including messaging, policy programs, creation of speaking opportunities.
  • Access to decision-makers and advocacy for political improvements or regulatory approval.
  • Engagement of business community, societal and political elites to build support for an investment, takeover or market entry.
  • Corporate governance and shareholder rights campaigns. 
  • Crisis communications and troubleshooting.

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