Strategic and financial investors such as multinational enterprises, private equity firms, venture capital, hedge funds, family offices, sovereign wealth funds and pension funds increasingly look for public affairs support in planning and executing investments and transactions. 

Political risk analysis, access to government decision makers, clear communications and lasting advocating strategies are critical in today’s world: Geopolitics are back and regional instabilities are rising. New threats to businesses and employees emerge and need to be mitigated. Global regulation across industries requires cross-border engagement with authorities. And critical stakeholders like unions, NGOS or activists need to be engaged in a constructive dialogue. Recent examples in European markets where political factors play a key role include the push for renewable energies and against nuclear or coal, tougher data protection laws, increased capital requirements for banks or higher standards for the car industry. In addition, anti-trust and competition ruling by the EU Commission, international trade issues or climate change regulation affect companies and industries.

Interel’s Global Investor Advisory Group supports clients in complex equity and debt investments, mergers and acquisitions, market access situations or Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in politically challenging environments. We operate as a central, coordinating team leveraging the Interel Global Partnership with offices in 60 countries and work closely with investment banks, law firms and PR consultancies and intelligence firms.

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