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Government Relations

After customers, government stakeholders can have the largest potential economic impact on business value. Policy and regulatory decisions directly affect an organization’s license to operate, innovate and grow.

Across more than 70 markets worldwide, Interel helps its clients successfully navigate the complexities of policy and regulatory environments at the national and local levels as well as across borders on multi-market and global projects. Our consultants and experts provide the necessary insights and perspectives for making confident business decisions and the relationships and credibility to engage with the right decision-makers and opinion leaders.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization achieve its business goals through effective government relations strategies and support, including:

  • Policy and regulatory audits and issue analysis in single and multiple markets worldwide
  • Customized support for government relations capacity building
  • Policy advocacy campaigns and targeted engagement
  • Communications support for reputation management
  • High-level strategic counsel and guidance
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