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MSD and Interel win SABRE award for ‘Nobody Left Outside’ initiative

MSD and Interel are delighted to have won a 2020 In2 Sabre award for “Best Use of Illustrations + Photography” for the Nobody Left Outside (NLO) initiative, which aims to improve healthcare access for marginalized communities in Europe.

The Sabre award was won for the NLO ‘Point of View’ Photo Exhibition – a gallery of intimate and powerful user-generated photographs and handwritten testimonies that offer a glimpse into the real lives of people living on the edges of society, namely homeless people, LGTBI people, people who use drugs, sex workers and undocumented migrants.

These emotive images and words gave a rare and vital opportunity for marginalised people to share their own viewpoints and to tell their own stories directly to those charged with policy formulation.

As a company vested in improving public health, we believe that equal access to healthcare and people-centred solutions are crucial. The NLO Point of View exhibition shows the effectiveness of real stories in making the case for change and we are proud that it has received such an important award”. David Earnshaw, Associate Vice President, Public Policy Europe, MSD:

“The NLO photo exhibition is an extremely powerful advocacy platform. By enabling members of marginalized communities to share their “Point of View” it calls on policymakers to acknowledge that these people are not hard to reach, but rather health services are”. Boris Azaïs, Director Public Policy Europe Canada, MSD

“Beyond its compelling policy recommendations, NLO has been able to create the right level of emotion and empathy to change our thinking, making us act to help communities in urgent need of better healthcare. Together with MSD and the NLO members, we’re very proud to have contributed to this effort to change society”. Grégoire Poisson, CEO, Interel

“I think the NLO project has resonated with its audience due to the inherent authenticity of the images and words shared by the service-users of these organizations. Everyone can relate to the issues they bring up: identity, health, insecurity, isolation, addiction… And when you look at these images you are able to connect deeply with the individual and appreciate their bravery and strength.” Alan Compton, photographer and film-maker

“We had a ‘big idea’ that could change individual lives and health systems for the better, and MSD had the vision to support such an innovative initiative – giving some of Europe’s most underserved communities a united platform from which to share their lived experience to help improve health services for the future”. Julie Cooper, MD Health, Interel