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Interel Paris was established in 1989 and specialises in lobbying and public affairs.

Interel was a pioneer in this field in France and has led the way in the professionalisation of public affairs in the country. Inspired by our Anglo-Saxon colleagues, we’ve developed an approach which is adapted to suit French culture, political traditions and institutional ways of working. 

Public decision-making is often a complex process and it’s essential to understand and master the constraints and priorities of the different stakeholders involved. We help our clients to understand and engage with politicians, government administrations, businesses, civil society and public opinion leaders.

Our expertise lies in: 

  • our in-depth knowledge of the complex process of decision making, which involves politicians, government representatives and pressure groups and stakeholders ;
  • our capacity to analyse the dynamics between the different political players;
  • our capacity to develop appropriate strategies such as stakeholder engagement programmes, development of communication tools, etc…)
  • our ability to put in place concrete action plans.

As a result, we enable our clients to position their issues and problems in the right way at the right time and therefore increase the possibility of achieving their business goals. 

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