Research and Intelligence Executive, Interel Consulting UK

Interel Consulting UK

Research and Intelligence Executive 

Job Description

 Timely and relevant information and intelligence is the lifeblood of political consultancy. Interel’s research and monitoring unit lies at the heart of the company’s research and intelligence-gathering process. The Research and Intelligence Executive manages the monitoring unit and is responsible for undertaking day-to-day monitoring. The executive also has a direct interface with a number of clients, liaising with them on information requests and sending them weekly monitoring reports. In addition, the executive provides research support to consultants, both with regular client requests and new business/market scoping.


The objective of the monitoring element of the position is to:

  • Provide to all consultants and clients timely, accurate and relevant information on activity in the UK Houses of Parliament, UK government and its agencies, political parties, think tanks, NGOs and pressure groups
  • Become an authority and first point of contact on parliamentary and political procedures
  • Monitor political blogs and Twitter feeds and other political and policy gossip in social media/newspapers/magazines/journals
  • Produce and distribute to consultants note of next week’s parliamentary and political business
  • Present parliamentary and political business for coming fortnight at weekly consultants’ meeting
  • Finalise and distribute weekly monitoring reports
  • Manage the company relationship with monitoring and monitoring plus clients
  • Advise consultants on progress of Bills, secondary legislation and select committee inquiries
  • Produce reports for consultants and clients where required on key political events such as party conferences, Budget and Pre-Budget Reports and Queen’s Speech
  • Organise quarterly meetings with sector teams to receive briefings on clients, and new business issues/developments
  • Maintain strong and regular communications with consultants on political and regulatory issues of the day
  • Keep client and consultant issues lists up-to-date
  • Support the work of the rest of the monitoring team through IT and administrative tasks when necessary, including managing magazine and newspaper subscriptions
  • Writing regular intelligence briefs

Supporting intern

  • Covering for absent colleagues responsible for monitoring devolved assemblies and EU institutions, and also to develop an expertise in these areas;
  • Producing the monitoring reports by cutting and pasting relevant text
  • Collating and distributing the monitoring reports
  • Collecting parliamentary papers from the parliamentary bookshop daily


The objective of the research part of the position is to support staff and clients with research requests. This gives the Head of Research and Intelligence a strong grounding in consultancy.

Ad-hoc research

  • Develop good relations with key parliamentary and departmental contacts
  • Conduct research requests for clients and consultants on wide range of issues, through desk research, telephone inquiries and using the company’s suite of research tools.
  • Research into new business/specific companies and sectors once targeted
  • Research into areas of policy

Business development

  • Direct potential new business opportunities uncovered in routine monitoring to relevant sector heads, investigate new business leads and targets
  • Contribute to the development of new business initiatives and proposals as required
  • Conduct follow-up mailshots if required
  • Contribute to blog, Twitter feed and website development

Select Committees

  • Attending and reporting on proceedings when relevant