IGP Webinar Series: Results of the Mexican Elections: What’s Next?

On Tuesday, July 31, the Interel Global Partnership (IGP) held its first-ever webinar “Results of the Mexican Elections: What’s Next?” hosted by Interel and presented by IGP Mexico firm, Grupo Estrategia Politica (GEP).

The impressive attendance of this inaugural IGP webinar with participants from around the world and from a broad variety of industries demonstrates the importance of the changes ahead in this major global market in areas such as energy, manufacturing, and international trade.
Webinar speaker Gustavo Almaraz, executive director of GEP, explains how Mexico’s new political context under the AMLO administration creates opportunities and challenges for businesses with operations and interests in the country. For public affairs engagement, Gustavo lists 5 key areas where businesses will need to focus:

  1. Taking a new approach with a “bottom up” grassroots strategy in Mexico;
  2. Building relationships in a timely manner with the many new legislators at the regional and federal levels;
  3. Strategically coordinating with industry associations and governing bodies;
  4. Engaging more with civil society organizations; and
  5. Investing more in reputation management.

Want to learn more? Download GEP’s complete presentation of Results of the Mexican Elections: What’s Next? here.

Weren’t able to attend? Catch up on all the great content and robust discussion by viewing the recording here.