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For many organizations, future growth depends on success in global markets. To ensure this success, public affairs and government relations activities cannot stop at the border and must be integrated globally.

In today’s interconnected world of cross-border issues, global and local stakeholders, and ever-evolving regulatory standards and societal expectations, the task of managing risk and identifying business opportunities on a global scale must also be strategically interconnected. Political, regulatory and reputational issues anywhere can have an impact on an international organization’s global bottom line and growth strategy.  Connecting the dots effectively in public affairs and government relations across an organization’s global footprint requires a thoughtful and strategic approach both internally within the organization and externally in its operating environment.
Interel’s global practice has helped leading multinational corporations global associations and other international organizations develop the strategies and capabilities to implement effective global public affairs and government relations programs. Our expertise lies in:
  • International stakeholder & policy audits
  • Strategic global public affairs capacity building
  • Multi-market public affairs management
  • Global public affairs benchmarking
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issue management
With the support of our eight Interel offices and the Interel Global Partnership covering more than 70 markets worldwide, we help clients of all industries and organizations advance their interests worldwide.  Learn more about how Interel can help your organization with its global growth goals.