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In partnership with Jet-Go Consulting Group

Since its founding in Taipei in 1993, Jet-Go has been helping international and local clients achieve their long-term public relations & public affairs objectives in Taiwan. Our comprehensive issues-management approach helps organizations identify and deal with near-, mid-, and long-term threats and opportunities that may affect their operations in Taiwan.

Jet-Go’s extensive experience in the court of public opinion and the corridors of power in Taiwan, our intimate knowledge of online and traditional media practices and norms, and our practical approach to problem-solving help our clients achieve their goals, whatever they may be: enhancing consumer awareness and understanding, better media relations, shaping public opinion, or even affecting policies or legislation that affect them.

Meet Eric Moon
Eric Moon is a member of the IGP global team and has been with Jet-Go Consulting Group since 1999. As Senior Consultant at Jet-Go, Eric works with a number clients, providing strategic advice, on a wide range of public affairs and public relations programs across a number of different industries, including healthcare, energy, card payments, quick-service...