In partnership with GR Japan

GR Japan specializes in Japanese government relations and public affairs. We offer a full range of government relations and related services, including policy and issue monitoring, stakeholder mapping, in-depth intelligence, political due diligence, strategic outreach, advocacy, public affairs campaigns and strategic support for public tenders / public-sector sales.

Our team is comprised of experts with direct experience and thorough understanding of Japanese government policymaking and decision-making, including former officials from key ministries and the major political parties. However, we also pride ourselves on our business sense and understanding our clients’ strategic goals and business needs.

The GR Japan team has an unrivalled network of contacts spanning the National Diet, ministries, political parties, local government, as well as in the media and academia. GR Japan is politically neutral and enjoys excellent working relations across the political spectrum.

GR Japan also offers exceptional global support.  As a member of the renowned international public affairs networks, we work with partners with local and regional expertise and help our clients success in markets around the world.

Jakob Edberg is President and CEO of the GR Group, which has offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Washington, D.C. and London  He has more than 20 years of policymaking experience and helps clients develop strategies to address intricate political and regulatory challenges in a variety of sectors and fields, including retail, energy, pharmaceuticals, financial...