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In partnership with Gilad

The Gilad Group has been active for over 20 years in government administration, lobbying, media strategy, public campaign management, business promotion and representation of international businesses.

The group consists of several companies:
Pro Strategy – A strategic consulting firm in the field of communications, politics and IM (Issue Management).
BSI – The firm accompanies international companies as well as heads of state and government in campaign management and strategic consulting with the White House. Ariel Sender, Chief Business Director of Gilad Group, served as a strategic adviser to US President Donald Trump’s campaign in Israel on behalf of the Republican Party.
Gilad Sender Holdings LTD – Established as a business development and growth organization. Managing a varied portfolio of rising companies in the medical, transportation and industrial fields, including Cann10, specializing in promotion of medical cannabis.

Gilad Government Relations and Lobbying – The leading lobbying agency in Israel, which was established in 1997. Gilad conducts strategic consulting, lobbying, government relations and crisis management. Gilad also manages international representation for the international law firm K & L Gates. Gilad represents clients from a wide range of fields, including communications & media, commerce, banking and finance, pharma, energy and environment, education and higher education, transport, agriculture, and public organizations.

Since its establishment Gilad Government Relations and Lobbying, has been active in the field of governance and has taken an active part in the important processes in Israeli democracy, whilst providing consulting and assistance in changing legislation and determining policies on many issues in public and social life in Israel.

The company specializes in the provision of services in lobbying and government relations and provides service to dozens of clients in implementing solutions in the field of lobbying and regulation, including the leading entities in the global economy and the Israeli market.

At the base of Gilad’s operation is the professional experience of each member of the team, a profound familiarity with the process of decision-making of all government entities in Israel, and a professional relationship with the deciding and influential parties in the government, the Knesset and other officials who are involved in decisionmaking and regulation.

We believe that success concealed in identifying the advantages in each economicregulatory process, for the relevant parties involved thereto. For that purpose, we have developed the “Golden Triangle” model, which examines the existence of three fundamental elements: public, economic and political. Locating and presenting them transparently and professionally to the relevant Stakeholders, forms a basis for success in lobbying activity.

Lital joined Gilad in 2014 , and has extensive experience in managing major, significant and complex projects in the government and Knesset arena. Lital maintains close relationship with government officials and assists clients from the business sector and third sector, and takes part in public operations in the parliamentary arena. Lital has a...