In partnership with Rollerdeck

Rollerdeck Associates is an independent partnership, specializing in Public
Affairs, Strategic Communications, Market Access and Political Intelligence &
Risk Analysis.

We are:

Strategists designing and leading winning public affairs campaigns;
Innovators crafting trailblazing communications;
Facilitators opening up highly regulated markets;
Risk assessors providing accurate political intelligence and risk analysis; and
Catalysts advancing profitable investments.

The unique blend of talent and the long-cultivated networks of our people
enable Greek and international companies, industry and professional
associations, investors and NGOs to mitigate risk, enhance their reputations
among their key audiences and protect and grow their business in a highly
competitive and fast-moving world.

Ioannis A. Kofinis is a member of the IGP global team and is founder and managing director of Rollerdeck Associates, a public affairs and business mediation firm based in Athens. Before launching Rollerdeck, Ioannis was an independent strategy and communications consultant for several professional associations, foundations, and companies. Beginning in...