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In partnership with GRACE Public Affairs

GRACE Public Affairs is one of the leading public affairs agencies in Denmark. Our main purpose is to help our clients solve problems. We are a dedicated public affairs provider offering specialized knowledge about political processes and decision making.

Our team are all political geeks with hands-on experience from the Danish parliament, municipalities or party politics, as well as years of professional experience working in political advocacy and public affairs. We have diverse backgrounds representing almost all the Danish political parties. We work with clients in a range of sectors including but not limited to infrastructure, energy, health, consumer goods and defence.

We are creative and hard-working. We provide fact-based strategic counselling. We monitor and analyse critical public agendas. We offer intelligence from our professional network, and we develop successful strategies to optimize our clients’ political platform. We deliver influence.

GRACE Public Affairs was founded in 2015 by Sune Wæsel, and the company today has around twenty employees with many years of experience in politics and public affairs.

Sune Wæsel is the Founder and Public Affairs Director of GRACE Public Affairs. Sune Wæsel has more than 20 years of experience working with politics and public affairs, including experience as advisor to the Danish Liberal Party (Venstre) in the Danish Parliament and years of experience as a public affairs specialist in various Danish corporations. Sune...