Interel Global Partnership

Interel is the founder of the Interel Global Partnership (IGP), the world's largest network of independent public affairs, public relations, and government relations firms.

Together, we are more than 1000 consultants covering 70 markets in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, and Europe. This network has been built over 10 years and our partners are hand-picked on the basis of their best-in-class reputations in their own markets.

The Interel Global Partnership gives us the reach, expertise, and seamless ability to support clients who need on-the-ground political insight and strategic advice across multiple markets. As the world’s foremost experts in trends and industry-specific developments in their respective markets, our IGP partners have an innate understanding of the regional policy and societal trends affecting your agenda.

All members of the partnership are comprehensively vetted and maintain our core values of integrity, ethics, quality, and commitment to advancing your interests. Through relationship-building and local networks, the Interel Global Partnership will help inform your stakeholder engagement strategy, creating impact with decision makers critical to the success of your mission in any market worldwide.