A new Government for France – Who is now in charge? What should your business expect?

“Not just a challenger anymore” was the title of Interel’s Analysis on Emmanuel Macron released in March.
Two months later, on May 7th, the young centrist candidate who has never held elected office was elected as the Fifth Republic’s youngest ever president, defeating far-right candidate Marine Le Pen with 66.1% of the votes.

International businesses operating in France need to understand how and with whom Emmanuel Macron will preside and how his reform agenda could shape France in the years to come.

Aristide Luneau and Florence Maisel from our French office break down the consequences for businesses and present the next steps now that Emmanuel Macron has named  his first Government.

You can read their full analysis here:

Interel Analysis #3_A new Government for France_May 2017


Florence Maisel

Managing Partner, France

Aristide Luneau


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