Benchmarking best practice in pharma

As part of the process to review its internal policy on relationships with patient groups in Europe, a global pharmaceutical company contacted us to help. The company was interested in understanding trends in pharma-patient interaction, how CSR and transparency look in best-practice, which companies are leading with innovation, and what the expectations of patient groups are when partnering with the industry.

How we helped: To build a full picture for our client, we designed and carried out a benchmarking study comprising four key elements: 1) mapping of relevant pan-European patient associations 2) an analysis of 7 companies’ agreements and activities with patient groups, 3) an assessment and compilation of best practice at European level and at national level, and 4) a perception analysis of 15 patient associations by way of telephone interviews.

We produced a report based on our findings that informed the development of an innovative framework for our client which guided its support and cooperation with patient groups. The study provided our client with valuable insights into the initiatives of other major industry players and a better understanding of the unmet needs of patient associations.