Protecting a client’s business

In late 2012, the French National Assembly voted an amendment to the draft bill on Social Security, creating a very high tax on energy drinks (which basically would have killed the market). The objective was to dissuade young people from consuming these products, and to generate revenue to reduce the social security deficit. We were contacted by the leader in the sector to try to defeat this initiative and to restore  confidence in the product.

How we helped: We helped structure the relevant arguments (technical, legal, economic) and communicated the messages to the appropriate stakeholders within Government and Parliament for a 3 month period, in a crisis environment. In the end, the tax which was finally adopted by the Parliament was a quarter of the amount originally proposed. After the adoption of the law, we contributed to the process of challenging the tax on energy drinks in court, on the basis that it did not comply with the French Constitution. The Constitutional  Council eventually considered that the tax was contrary to the Constitution and repealed it.