Advocacy in Europe

Raízen is the fifth largest Brazilian energy company which aims to provide sustainable energy solutions through tech.

How we helped: Interel assists Raízen with the design and execution of its advocacy strategy in Europe.

As part of this services, Interel supports Raízen with key insights on what’s happening in Brussels as EU influencers increasingly set the standards / priorities of policies impacting the company’s future growth.

Interel set up an early warning system to identify key public policy and legislative initiatives in Europe and assist Raízen in being properly positioned to influence the EU agenda where and when necessary to ensure that Raízen remains ahead of the game while strengthening its global leadership position.

Interel also prepared an EU Policy audit to provide Raízen with a toolkit for potential future engagement with the EU institutions, allowing the company to leverage its profile as a thought leader and shape the legislative agenda in line with the companies’ strategies for growth.