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Building a Global Public Affairs Function

Following a corporate re-organization, a leading global manufacturing company asked Interel to conduct an in-depth audit of the company’s public affairs activities and develop an integrated, cross-functional global public affairs function working across five regional clusters worldwide. Previously, public affairs activities were not strategically coordinated across business lines and inconsistent across borders.

As part of this engagement, Interel led a multi-stage review of the company’s public affairs structures, processes, job descriptions, case examples, and overall capabilities. The evaluation involved soliciting input from employees who were involved in public affairs activities through questionnaires and on-site workshops. Areas of focus in the evaluation included:

  • Alignment of business and public affairs goals
  • Public affairs team organization and internal communication
  • Cross-functional and cross-border collaboration
  • Functional roles and responsibilities
  • Skills and training needs

Subsequent to the three-month review, Interel provided detailed recommendations (in the form of a workshop and written report) which the client applied for the function’s global organization, issue and stakeholder management processes (local/national/global), role and responsibility descriptions for public affairs roles and trainings.