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Opportunity and risk in a post-Brexit world

The engagement context has changed in Europe’s capitals post-Brexit. There’s a perception that political business has ground to a halt in the UK and Brussels . However, the reality is that it’s still largely ‘business as usual’ and there are opportunities to be seized for those who continue to engage proactively. We can identify those opportunities for you and work with you to secure positive outcomes for your business.

We can help you to:

  • Make sense of what’s actually happening on the ground and behind closed doors in the UK, EU and European capitals
  • Make sense of the complex and essentially uncharted political process which will kick off if and when the UK triggers the Article 50 procedure
  • Assess how Brexit may impact your operations in the UK, the EU and globally
  • Connect you with the critical Brexit decision makers and influencers in European capitals to shape the post-Brexit regulatory and business environment

With more than 30 years’ experience of supporting blue chip companies with their public affairs strategies, offices in the world’s main business centres and a global network of independent agencies covering more than 60 markets, we are well-placed to give you the inside track…wherever you need it. Count on us.

How we can help

Brexit alerts

  • Keeping you abreast of the key developments in London, Brussels, Paris & Berlin
  • In real time, daily, weekly
  • Online or by email
  • Adding other global perspectives when needed
  • Actionable recommendations and advisory calls

C-Suite briefings

  • Bespoke briefings and workshops on Brexit tailored to your issues and your industry
  • Focused on your regulatory and political environment
  • Supporting your strategy development on opportunity
  • Tailored supporting reports for dissemination across the business

Engagement strategies

  • Putting you in touch with the top influencers in the Brexit process
  • Helping you understand the context, their agenda, their room for manoeuvre
  • Shedding light on their personal and political objectives and motivations
  • Shaping strategy and messaging for impact

Scenario planning

  • Taking the ‘what ifs…’ of Brexit and turning them into actionable strategies for your business
  • Assessing sector-specific risk factors and blind spots
  • Addressing the weaknesses before they impact your business
  • Delivering action plans for your business in the short, medium and long term

Our Brexit team

Fredrik Lofthagen

CEO Interel

Lawyer, EU public affairs specialist, worked at board level with global businesses over a 25 year career in Brussels.

Gregoire Poisson

Partner, EU

Background with Hitachi and industry associations in the natural resources sector. French national with 15 years of Brussels experience.

George McGregor

Partner, UK

Time in government as the special adviser to the Secretary of State for Scotland, background as an economist in the Employment Department.

Markus Weidling

Partner, Germany

Previously Chief Press Officer at the Economic Ministry of the German Federal Government, Counsellor at the permanent mission of Germany to the UN, background in press and television.

Aristide Luneau

Partner, France

One of the foremost public affairs experts in France and author of the seminal French text on public affairs. Background in business and EU affairs. Deep-rooted connections across French politics.

Baudouin Velge

Partner, Belgium

Economist with experience at the National Bank of Belgium, Philips, and the Federation of Employers in Belgium. Long-standing connections across all levels of business and government in Belgium.

Mark Pinner

Partner, China

Worked for Lenovo in Beijing, public affairs consultancies in London and China and for the UK Conservative Party in the British Parliament. Has lived in Beijing for 13+ years and speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese.

Jason Jarrell

Partner, US

More than 15 years’ experience advising senior-level corporate executives on global public affairs strategy. Former diplomat, consultancy experience in Russia and with the US State Department.

Jan Kallmorgen

Partner, Investor Advisory

Background in international policy and finance. Global political risk specialist. Previously at Goldman Sachs and the German Council on Foreign Relations.

Katherine Morgan

Partner, Financial Services

Financial services specialist with blue chip client base. Worked at the UK Treasury, as private secretary to the UK Paymaster General and at the European Commission.

Through the Interel Global Partnership, a network of independently-owned public affairs consultancies, we cover a total of 60 markets worldwide and can provide insight and advice on reactions to Brexit in all of them.

Hear more about our take on Brexit from CEO Fredrik Lofthagen

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