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Boris Johnson’s Administration: The shape of the next administration

Once it was clear that Boris Johnson had got through to the last two candidates in the Conservative Party leadership contest to go before a ballot of the party membership, and with the overwhelming endorsement of the parliamentary party, it has widely been anticipated that Johnson would become the UK’s next Prime Minister.

Despite some turbulence early on in the second stage of the campaign, following a reported domestic row with his partner Carrie Symonds, the polls nevertheless continue to indicate that Boris Johnson will be the next leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister.

The contrasts between the two candidates have become clearer as the campaign has progressed. Boris Johnson is perceived to still have that “X Factor”; that ability to reach out and engage when he wants to; to galvanise an audience – and potentially an electorate. Jeremy Hunt however can come across as more ‘ordinary’, controlled, perhaps even a cloned politician which is why in the latter stages of the campaign, his team have made great progress in trying to humanise and personalise him with increasing ‘witty’ social media engagement.

Hunt has also increasingly gone in ‘hard’ against Johnson, repeatedly attacking him during the recent TV debate and seeking to contrast himself strongly with him over the recent row over the UK’s Ambassador in Washington, Sir Kim Darroch.

Yet, with Boris Johnson still on course to win the leadership of the Conservative Party and become the next Prime Minster, this paper sets out some of the key issues that will shape his time in office, and assesses which individuals are likely to be key players in his administration.

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