What will be the Top 20 policy priorities for the new UK Government?

In May, the UK voted for a Tory government, and now the dust has settled somewhat, we take a look at what the top 20 policy priorities might be for the new government.

When the newly elected and re-elected MPs met for the first time following the 2015 General Election, John Bercow was re-elected (unopposed) as Speaker of the House of Commons. Having survived an attempt by the Conservatives to make it easier to oust him in the dying hours of the last Parliament. Bercow told MPs in his speech following his re-election that he would be the “champion of backbenchers” from all parties, and would hold the government “properly to account”.

The first act of the new Parliament was not without its drama however, as SNP MPs spent their day on a rota securing front bench positions for the proceedings, whilst trying, but failing, to steal the favoured seat of the Beast of Bolsover, Dennis Skinner. The Liberal Democrats were almost forgotten about during congratulatory speeches, with Alistair Carmichael, the party’s only Scottish MP, having to wait to speak after their now fellow smaller parties.

From the Human Rights Act to protecting Trident, we’ve collated everything you need to know about the new Government’s top 20 policy priorities in this 2 page handout.


Lauren Roden

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