This week’s EPod: 21 – 25 September 2015

This week's EPod, 21 - 25 September 2015, from Richard Steel and team.

Welcome to EPod, our regular podcast on what’s driving the agenda in the European Parliament this week.

This week we highlight the 3 main themes on the plenary agenda:

1. ENVI will look to toughen up the EU’s level of ambition in the run up to December’s climate conference in Paris. Will the 15 MEPs attending the COP21 keep to the script – and can the EU succeed in speaking with one voice

2. ISDS is dead, long live ICS! Socialists claim they have put TTIP back on track thanks to the new proposals on investment protection (the Investment Court System ICS) but will the Americans buy in? The Greens still don’t like it, whatever it’s called.

3. Transparency is the buzz word as Sven Giegold, our MEP to watch this week, sets out some radical ideas on how to develop the legislative footprint and correct the perceived imbalance between corporate and civil society lobbying. 

Listen to the EPodcast below or click here.


Richard Steel

Senior Associate

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