Mark Pinner Offers Insight on Theresa May’s Visit to China

Interel's Mark Pinner, Managing Partner, China, appeared live on Chinese television this week to discuss British Prime Minister Theresa May's recent visit to Beijing. Here are Mark's top 5 takeaways.

    1. Britain takes a relatively open approach to welcoming foreign investment, including that from China, which provides benefits for the country and consumers, whoever owns the industries concerned.

    2. The UK can cooperate with China’s Belt and Road Initiative in third party countries, such as central Asia; examples of this could include finance, risk analysis.

    3. Britain can offer China expertise from its historic (financial) institutions and delivery of good governance.

    4. Raising the issue of human rights may be done in private; this is a normal part of bilateral relations between the two countries, not something that is likely to detail the visit.

    5. Theresa May’s review of the Hinkley Point project on coming to office in 2016 was a very understandable decision on a major infrastructure project, (and doing so shouldn’t be seen as being overtly critical/skeptical about China).


Laura Petrik

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