Italy’s new Gentiloni Government

The third and final instalment from our Partner, FB & Associati, looks at the varied backgrounds of Italy's new Government, headed by new Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

Italy has a new Prime Minister…and a new Government. Prime Minister Gentiloni who has been Minister for Foreign Affairs since October 2014 is highly regarded by international partners. He has built close ties not only with the head of US diplomacy John Kerry, but also with the Russian counterpart Serghiei Lavrov. 

He has a tough job ahead.

Some of his urgent actions will include:

  • Converting the Earthquake Decree
  • New Decree of MPS
  • Reforming Electoral Law
  • Renewing the public employees’ contract
  • Laws on poverty and self-employment
  • 60th anniversary of the EU and G7 in Italy

Our Italian partners, FB & Associati, provide an insight into the new political makeup of the new Government who will be key players in the months ahead here

Ambassadors and International Network Co” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by UN Geneva


Luca Gargano

Italy, FB & Associati

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