Inaugural Global Public Affairs Awards shortlist announced

We’re delighted to announce the shortlist for the inaugural Global Public Affairs Awards to be presented at the Interel Global Partnership Summit on 9 June in Brussels.

Awards will be made in two categories – Innovation in Public Affairs and Impact in Public Affairs. The independent judges are current and former representatives of the Public Affairs Council.

The shortlist is as follows:-

Innovation in Public Affairs

africapractice – for the development and use of an innovative online stakeholder engagement tool which was used to fight a local ownership requirement to be imposed on foreign businesses.

Farner (Switzerland) – for a cutting-edge multi-lingual digital campaign which mobilised the whole country in favour of a vote to change the law on reproductive health.

Interel (EU) – for the development of a new approach to public affairs meetings and events which ensures that the impact continues to be felt long after the event is over.

Impact in Public Affairs

Point Public Affairs (Romania) – for a campaign which secured a change to the reimbursement rules for private health insurance, increasing uptake by around 250%.

Interel (France) – for a campaign which raised awareness of a new technology for shale gas extraction, changing the debate around the issue across Europe.

CEC (Poland) – for a campaign which secured more than half a million signatures on a petition to employ more nurses and midwives in the country and resulted in a government commitment to take action.

Interel (EU) – for a campaign which secured €1million for kidney health in the EU’s annual budget.

Kesarev (Ukraine) – for a campaign which secured a change to VAT reimbursement rules in the country, improving business conditions and encouraging foreign investment.

Interel (UK) – for a campaign to ‘save the school summer holidays’ on behalf of the leisure industry, resulting in a government U turn on the proposals.

The winners will be announced on Friday 10 June.


Lauren Roden

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