Ensuring that EU money is well spent will take more than procedural change.

Before the end of 2015, the European Commission is expected to adopt proposals on the review of the Europe 2020 strategy. The strategy is built around specific targets in five areas: employment, research and development, climate change and energy, education and poverty and social exclusion.

In 2016 the Commission will adopt recommendations on how Member States can better improve their simplification procedures. However, while changes to procedures and processes are likely to be straightforward, the bigger challenge will be how to ensure better cooperation between national managing authorities, civil society, and the private sector. This will be invaluable if EU spending is to become truly results driven.

Today collaboration between the private and public sectors is often impeded by vastly different approaches and mindsets. Better results can be achieved if all parties can be focused on improvement, creativity and a greater openness to knowledge sharing. This will require a concerted effort by all parties. With considerable amounts of money at stake, the time for improvement is now.


Miglė Niauraitė

Associate Director, EU

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