Emmanuel Macron: not just a challenger anymore. What should your business expect?

Only a few months ago, even some of his closest friends made fun of Emmanuel Macron’s candidacy – stating for instance that he “embodied a vacuum”. As things stand, Emmanuel Macron, leader of the movement “En Marche!” at only 39 years old, might actually become the next French President in May.

For international businesses, Macron’s victory would mean a certain continuity on issues like international affairs, security, healthcare and environment. But he is a disruptive candidate, definitely more business oriented and free market friendly than Mr Hollande. He will lead important reforms as of June 2017, which must be anticipated by anyone who wishes to invest in France.

Aristide Luneau and Florence Maisel from our French office have analyzed the likely implications for business if Emmanuel Macron were to win the election.

You can read their full analysis here:

Interel Analysis #2_Macron_March 2017


Aristide Luneau


Florence Maisel

Managing Partner, France

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