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The Seven Vices of Public Affairs Campaigns

Wednesday, 25th April 2018

Considering the odds at stake and faced with an increasingly demanding ecosystem of journalists, policy makers and activists, companies continue to struggle with the challenge of advancing their interests and convincing stakeholders to take positive action. With regard to governments and politicians, mistakes can prove costly. Here are seven of the most common errors (one could call them vices too) witnessed in the field of public affairs campaigns, leading to failure at worst or disappointment at best, and ways to overcome them.

Aftermath of the Presidential Russian Election

Monday, 26th March 2018

In a new report, IGP Partners Kesarev Consulting analyze the aftermath of the Russian Presidential election on March 18, 2018, that resulted in Vladimir Putin’s overwhelming victory and re-election to his second (fourth) and very likely to be the last term in office. The report focuses on key forthcoming developments of 2018 that will be triggered by Putin’s re-election and determine Russia’s economic policy, its impact on the regulatory environment, and key parameters of the business climate including: tax system, budget structure, public investment, and monetary policy among many other issues.

The Optimal Length for Digital Content

Tuesday, 20th March 2018

In today’s world of information overload it is easy to get overwhelmed by content. Being succinct isn't just a time saver, it's strategy. In any communications profession, it is important to deliver information in a way that is efficient and maximizes impact. Here is a collection of tips on packaging information for a variety of communication platforms that are sure to increase your content's engagement. Read more...

Italian General Elections 2018: Post-Election Scenarios

Wednesday, 07th March 2018

In the second installment of "Italian General Elections 2018 - The Vote: Analysis & Outcome," Luca Gargano, Italian IGP member and partner of FB & Associati, shares detailed insights into the post-election results and what we can expect in the weeks ahead. Overall, the process to shape a new government is still ongoing and will be subject to change over the next days/weeks in the attempt to find a majority. Read more...

GRPA Series: Trump’s State of the Union: One Year in Office and Perspectives Ahead

Friday, 02nd February 2018

On Tuesday night, U.S. President Donald Trump delivered his inaugural State of the Union address before the U.S. Congress. The first State of the Union address is significant for a President as he provides the Nation with a report on fulfilling promises made as a presidential candidate while presenting as a statesman with a year of experience in office. In the case of President Trump who had no prior political experience and has an unorthodox approach to communicating on policy matters, it was an opportunity to reflect on the past year and outline the tone moving forward using a more traditional presidential pulpit. Read more...

A Look at India’s Budget and the Promising Year Ahead

Thursday, 01st February 2018

India’s Union Budget for 2018-2019 seeks to balance electoral promise with the need to revive investment, create jobs, ensure growth, and maintain fiscal prudence. The Budget reveals a heightened focus on the areas of agriculture, health, infrastructure, education, and the Digital India initiative. The year’s positive outlook is expected to deliver on the promise of growth, investment revival, and an ease of living. Read more...

A good story is more than facts and figures

Wednesday, 10th January 2018

Usually lobbyists don’t exactly have a good reputation. ‘Unfortunate as it may be, I’m entirely not at ease with this negative perception,’ says Karel Joos. He is a partner at Interel Belgium, a communications and public affairs consultancy, and the author of the textbook ‘Lobbying – How companies could convince policy makers’ (Lannoo, 2015). In addition he is firmly convinced that the corporate world still has a long road ahead. Read more...