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Reimagining Issues Management for Today’s World

Wednesday, 30th November 2016

Issues management (IM) is not a new corporate discipline, but it is often misunderstood or misapplied when needed most. Crises – whether they be reputational or regulatory - inevitably result from issues that go unmanaged and not kept in check, resulting in loss of business and often, share value. Read more...

Three questions on lobby regulation in Belgium

Friday, 09th September 2016

It is a common and classic question in each democracy: are our politicians agents who are obliged to follow the will of their constituencies or rather delegates who are elected to assess the constantly changing circumstances and take decisions based upon their own opinions?

From Total to Social – Recalls in the Digital Age

Monday, 22nd June 2015

Year after year, product recall statistics continue to rise. Product recalls present potentially high risk for companies across industries. Global production, products’ increasing complexity and closer market surveillance will keep fuelling this increase for the foreseeable future. Analysing the communication challenges caused by such product-harm crises is of tremendous importance and growing relevance. Read more...

More Lobbying!

Wednesday, 22nd April 2015

Václav Nekvapil, Managing Partner of CEC Government Relations, and President of Association of Public Affairs Agencies of the Czech Republic, discusses the need for more lobbying, particularly in the EU. Read more...

A climate of change?

Friday, 23rd January 2015

What does the future look like for EU-China trade? Has the recent APEC commitment on climate objectives between the US and China pushed the EU further down the pecking order in terms of setting the global agenda for climate action? In this interview for EuroBiz magazine, Interel's CEO, Fredrik Lofthagen gives his take on the issues and explains why Interel decided to open an office in China.... Read more...