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Merkel and Schulz lose in Federal Elections – Right wing populists with 3rd largest faction in German parliament

Monday, 25th September 2017

Faces of the supporters of all democratic parties froze last night, when the bars of the TV grafics displayed the results of the “Alternative for Germany (AfD)”: around 13% of the votes went to the right wing populistic party. It was expected, latest polls saw similar numbers. But until the last moment there was hope, more people would not follow these pied pipers. Compared to other European states, 13% is still almost not worth to mention. For all democrats in Germany this result is frankly painful. Read more...

Frankfurt’s share of the Brexit pie?

Wednesday, 27th July 2016

The competition is on to attract Britain's financial institutions to other cities to secure their post-Brexit passporting rights. Hear from our team on the ground in Germany about the incentives available in Frankfurt and how the city is approaching the post-Brexit opportunity. Read more...

Green paper on online platforms

Thursday, 09th June 2016

Who could possibly explain the importance of the digital revolution better than men in their fifties. This is at least what the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy must have thought when they presented their green paper on the regulatory framework for online platforms. Read more...