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Third United Nations High-Level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases: A Turning Point for Action on Chronic Diseases?

Tuesday, 19th June 2018

On the 27th of September, Heads of State and Government from across the continents will gather in New York City to review progress on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) for the first time in the light of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This landmark meeting could be a decisive step in the response to chronic diseases globally and an occasion for the European Union to show leadership and commitment to dramatically decrease the burden of these diseases in Europe by 2030. Read more...

Postcard from Strasbourg by Richard Steel

Friday, 15th June 2018

Dear Fred,
It was an inauspicious start to the week. The special train ferrying officials down to Strasbourg broke down for several hours in the picturesque French countryside, leading to the inevitable headlines about the gravy train being derailed and renewed complaints about the travelling circus. Read more...

Engagement with the Eye on the Next Policy Cycle

Wednesday, 16th May 2018

A brief calm permeated the Eurobubble around the Easter break, which saw policy wonks spread to various exotic or less exotic locations for a brief (or not so brief) holiday. With the return of business as usual, we had the last flurry of activity, as the European Commission scrambled to publish its last outstanding legislative proposals so that the co-legislators can – hopefully - go through them before next year’s European Parliament elections. The 25th of April officially marked the publication of the last proposals making up the Digital Single Market, signaling the end of this Commission’s work on this priority. Read more...

Tear Down the Silos

Monday, 14th May 2018

It is largely understood that with the arrival of new technologies on European soil, such as AI, blockchain, e-mobility and e-health the European Commission will need to tap fresh knowledge and expertise from industry, academics and scientific bodies in order to be properly prepared when drafting policy.

However, it takes more than that in order to tackle the technology tsunami.

5 Things You Need to Know About the EU’s Strategy on Artificial Intelligence

Wednesday, 25th April 2018

Today has seen the publication of the European Commission’s much-anticipated Communication on Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is an attempt by the EU to take the lead on global rule-setting in relation to emerging technologies. Facing fierce competition from international competitors, the EU is seeking to play catch-up, while attempting to gain an edge by imposing its own values on the future development of artificial intelligence. Today fires the starting gun on a policy debate which is likely to be front and centre of the next Commission’s agenda. Read more...

Associations Need to Start Preparing Now for 2019, A Year of Change at the Heart of the EU

Tuesday, 24th April 2018

The countdown to the European Parliament elections in May 2019 is a good time for associations to take stock and audit their advocacy approach before a new wave of MEPs and Commissioners set the policy agenda for 2020 and beyond. In his recent article for HQ, The Association Magazine, Richard Steel, Senior Associate, Interel EU, provides insights into what action EU associations need to take in preparation for the turbulent year ahead in 2019. Read more...

Postcard from Strasbourg by Richard Steel

Friday, 20th April 2018

Dear Fred,
What do Luxembourg, Columbia and Guinea have in common? Tax havens, good coffee, the viviparous toad? No, the leaders of all three countries will be queuing up in the May part session to address a plenary short of legislative files to keep it busy.