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7 Things Every Association Leader Needs to Know about the Belgian Association Law Reform

Wednesday, 13th June 2018

Belgian association law is about to change significantly, and the impact of this reform cannot be overestimated. Given the extensive upcoming changes, the new Code will affect every single company and association based in Belgium in various ways. All associations will need to review their statutes and governance processes in light of the challenges arising and opportunities created by the new reform. Here are seven key facts you need know to prepare. Read more...

Belgium: Attractive for European and International Associations

Friday, 04th May 2018

Belgium is considered a very attractive jurisdiction for setting up associations and other non-profits. Roughly 110,000 NPO exist; 2,000 of them being international NPOs (“Associations internationales sans but lucratif”). While administration is substantial, a law enacted on 2 May 2002 has greatly simplified the legal regime of the NPOs, e.g., re: accountancy and donations made to the NPOs. Below is a brief overview of what European and International associations can expect when establishing roots in Brussels. Read more...

The Seven Vices of Public Affairs Campaigns

Wednesday, 25th April 2018

Considering the odds at stake and faced with an increasingly demanding ecosystem of journalists, policy makers and activists, companies continue to struggle with the challenge of advancing their interests and convincing stakeholders to take positive action. With regard to governments and politicians, mistakes can prove costly. Here are seven of the most common errors (one could call them vices too) witnessed in the field of public affairs campaigns, leading to failure at worst or disappointment at best, and ways to overcome them.

A good story is more than facts and figures

Wednesday, 10th January 2018

Usually lobbyists don’t exactly have a good reputation. ‘Unfortunate as it may be, I’m entirely not at ease with this negative perception,’ says Karel Joos. He is a partner at Interel Belgium, a communications and public affairs consultancy, and the author of the textbook ‘Lobbying – How companies could convince policy makers’ (Lannoo, 2015). In addition he is firmly convinced that the corporate world still has a long road ahead. Read more...

Karel gives evidence at a Parliamentary hearing

Wednesday, 14th December 2016

Last week, Karel participated in a hearing session in the framework of a proposition of law entered by ecologist opposition parties Groen and Ecolo, organised by The President of the Commission for Defence. It concerned the instauration of an online and public transparency register of contacts with lobbysits and would be used for defence contracts over and above 1.5 million Euros. Read more...