‘Brexit means brexit’ – Britain’s new Prime Minister

Britain has a new Prime Minister, bringing some certainty and stability following the political events which have attracted so much global attention and concern. What will her priorities be? What's her approach to Brexit? Many unknowns remain, but her acceptance speech and her track record provide some clues...

Theresa May is the new Prime Minister of the UK. So what does that mean for the UK, for the Brexit vote, for relations between Britain and third countries?

Ms May hinted at some key themes which will be likely to define her premiership in her acceptance speech, and although little detail has been offered, some policy approaches are already clear.
The most prominent of the pledges is that ‘’Brexit means Brexit.’’ May was a subdued Remain campaigner, but has gone to great lengths to demonstrate her commitment to leaving the EU. In her statement she said that there would be no ‘’backdoor membership through the Single Market’’ and no second referendum.

May has proposed a conciliatory Cabinet with the best of Leave and Remain represented, including a Cabinet-level Secretary of State for Brexit negotiations.
In contrast to this hawkish approach to the EU, May has laid the foundation for a one-nation brand of domestic Conservatism, continuing Cameron’s agenda, and in some places going further. May’s proposals to introduce worker representation on company boards and crack down on pay for the most senior executives wouldn’t be out of place in a Labour manifesto. As these commitments offer continuity from Cameron’s Life Chances agenda which won a shock majority at the last election, May might be able to fend off calls from Labour for an early General Election.
May has promised to tackle the economic problems which have plagued Governments before her, including poor productivity and redistribution of growth away from London. Connecting ordinary working people with economic growth has been a constant feature of her short but ultimately successful campaign. She has promised to place the Government at the service of working people, and clearly respond to the call for change that the Referendum result delivered.

Here’s all you need to know about Theresa May’s path to No.10.

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