25 years at the forefront of public affairs in France

Florence Maisel founded Interel’s office in Paris in 1989 and was one of the first lobbyists in the city to embrace an anglo-saxon approach to the profession.

She studied in the USA in the 80s and was quick to recognise that there was more to lobbying than a full address book and a knowledge of the corridors of power. At the time, she said:-

“Lobbying is about anticipating and finding solutions to problems which originate from legislation or regulation, and about representing businesses and pressure groups who want to work with government to help the legislative environment to evolve in a positive way.”

One of her first major successes was in relation to the launch of the artificial sweetener, Aspartame, onto the French market – a process which took 3 and a half years of concerted effort in France and in Brussels. She and her team have continued to help a wide range of businesses and associations to engage with the legislative process in a positive way over the last 25 years, achieving many more notable successes for clients along the way. 




Florence Maisel

Managing Partner, France

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