With the announcement of an annual increase in the MOD budget, we want to emphasize opportunities for companies in the defense sector in the Netherlands and for foreign business.

Specifically, we distinguish three areas of opportunity:

  • The Dutch MOD is more lenient with regards to procurement by third country parties (countries outside the EU) and is committed to creating a level playing field in Europe.
  • We perceive a broad consensus amongst political and societal stakeholders regarding the necessity to increase in investments in defense capabilities.
  • Most stakeholders agree that the €1.5 billion is just enough to cover the “basics,” additional investments required in the near future are a real possibility.

Brief Analysis

After the end of the cold war, defense was the favorite target for austerity measures in Dutch politics. The sole purpose for Dutch armed forces was the so-called expeditionary missions – bringing peace and stability abroad. This was part of the Dutch 3D approach: development, diplomacy, and defense.

Terrorist attacks, hybrid warfare, and unexpected migration flows from the ring of instability surrounding the EU changed the dynamics and risks around security, not only between countries but also in countries. This new dynamic will not abate, and has shifted thinking in Dutch society, leading to a call for more investment in the MOD.

Read our full analysis to get an overview of all the business opportunities and more here.

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