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mercredi, 10th mai 2017

“Building on our global growth strategy, including our acquisition of Washington DC based firm AMG earlier this year, joining the PLUS Network as the public affairs and association management reference partner made perfect sense, said Fredrik Lofthagen, CEO of Interel. Effective marketing today cannot be divorced from the policy environment, no matter where a company operates,” Read more...

Interel and AMG Join Forces

mardi, 07th février 2017

Interel, the global public affairs consultancy, today announced that Washington DC based firm AMG, has joined its Group. Together both companies will generate  €25 million (EUR) ($27 million (USD)) in annual revenues and employ more than 200 consultants, staff and advisors. Read more...

SPIEF – the Russian Davos

vendredi, 01st juillet 2016

St Petersburg's 'Summer Davos' is Russia's annual economic event for the global business community to come together to discuss investment opportunities and negotiate deals. Interel's partner, Kesarev participated in the Summit, with our Washington and global practice lead, Jason Jarrell. Deals, sanctions, China and Iran were all on the agenda. Read on for full details and our public affairs takeaways. Read more...

10 ideas for innovation in public affairs – fresh from Berlin

mercredi, 01st juin 2016

I recently attended the In2Innovation summit in Berlin, organised by Paul Holmes, one of the best-known advocates for the public relations and public affairs industry. The focus was more on PR than PA, but the cross over between the two disciplines is becoming increasingly marked, as we both focus more and more on influencers and engagers rather than consumers.

The U.S. 2016 Presidential Elections: A look ahead from Washington

mardi, 17th novembre 2015

The U.S. Presidential elections are a year away, but already it has been a noisy summer of political campaigning. Jason Jarrell, Director of Interel's Global Public Affairs practice, sat down with The Honorable Richard Pombo, former U.S. Congressman and principal of the Washington government relations firm Gavel Resources, to make sense of the current state of the U.S. elections as well as what it means for public affairs in Washington. Read more...

SNP Conference: Taking Aim at the Tories

vendredi, 16th octobre 2015

While some might grimace at mention of the SNP, it is difficult to avoid marvelling at their successes in the last 12 months. Leader of the party and First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, kicked off the SNP Conference this morning with an ambitious and positive speech. It called on the party to continue promoting their achievements in order to maintain the momentum in their successes. Read more...