About Us

About Us

We are the global public affairs and government relations specialists.  We help our clients to manage political risk and capitalise on political opportunity by engaging proactively with all the stakeholders who can have an impact on their success and sustainability. Our experts in more than 60 markets deliver political risk and opportunity analysis, and strategic engagement solutions which deliver measurable results.

The positive impact on the bottom line of a strategic approach to public affairs engagement is clear. Over-regulation and political uncertainty are the number 1 and 2 concerns of CEOs according to the latest PWC Global CEO Survey. A McKinsey survey on external engagement found that only 23% of CEOs said that their businesses were effective at aligning the external affairs agenda with overall corporate strategy. Yet, 88% of those who align their external engagement strategy with their corporate strategy achieve impact for the business.

With a detailed understanding of the political risks and opportunities in multiple sectors, we can help your business to understand the political drivers of change, identify, quantify and manage risk and proactively drive opportunity with political actors at all levels and in all the markets that matter to you.

For a no obligation conversation on how we might help you to shape and protect your operating environment, contact fredrik.lofthagen@interelgroup.com

What makes us different?

Consultancy of the Year award for Interel at 2016 SABREs

Best EU Consultancy Campaign of the Year

ICCO Independent Consultancy of the Year 2015!